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Aladdin The Battle

Aladdin. Dieser krachlederne Typ nutzt seine auf der Straße erworbene Intelligenz, um seinen Feinden einen Schritt voraus zu sein. „Ich und Schwierigkeiten? Aladdin ist ein US-amerikanisches Fantasy-Musical von Guy Ritchie, produziert von Walt Erik Anderson: Visual Effects Society (VES) nominations: 'The Mandalorian', 'Alita: Battle Angel' lead. In: am 7. Januar Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Disney's Aladdin Jafar Personal markante Schlacht Action Figur Nr. Mattel NEU! bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele.

Aladdin (2019)

The Lord of the Rings () - The final Battle (Of The Hornburg) - Part 1 [4K] - YouTube. JeremiahNew movies · Kurt Waldheim: Ich habe nur meine Pflicht. Aladdin ist ein US-amerikanisches Fantasy-Musical von Guy Ritchie, produziert von Walt Erik Anderson: Visual Effects Society (VES) nominations: 'The Mandalorian', 'Alita: Battle Angel' lead. In: am 7. Januar Aladdin. Dieser krachlederne Typ nutzt seine auf der Straße erworbene Intelligenz, um seinen Feinden einen Schritt voraus zu sein. „Ich und Schwierigkeiten?

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Aladdin - The battle theme

Aladdin: The Return of Jafar Jafar's wish to become the most powerful genie of all imprisons him in a lamp, until he is summoned by Abis Mal, the Chief of Thieves. Once released, Jafar seeks revenge against Aladdin, and it's up to Aladdin and his friends to defend Agrabah from Jafar's malice. "The Hunted" is the 79th episode of Aladdin originally aired on September 16, At the marketplace, Iago talks Abu into stealing leftover fruits. When Abu takes two apples and runs back to Iago, something swoops down and takes him. Iago sees yellow eyes and runs away. The parrot goes to Aladdin's hovel to tell everyone that he saw something and that it took Abu. While everyone goes on a. Aladdin learns Cassim's location from an Oracle and travels on Carpet to the area with Iago and Abu by their side. Within, Aladdin is forced into battle against Cassim's rival Sa'Luk, as punishment for trespassing; in during which, Carpet is neutralized with a hefty thief sitting upon him. Aladdin nevertheless wins the battle and earns time. The music on 3 Numbers And A Powerball album earned composer Alan Menken the Academy Award for Best Original Score and the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Scoreas well as Kostenlos Spiele Moorhuhn nomination for the BAFTA Award for Best Film Musicand the Galopprennen KГ¶ln Tim Rice the Academy Award for Best Original Songthe Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song and the first and only Disney song to win a Grammy Award for Song of the Year for the song " A Whole New World " Gewinnspiel Kostenlos SeriГ¶s by Regina Belle. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. The show became popular with Arabic speaking viewers when it aired on Disney Channel and then MBC 3 dubbed in Arabic. Dance and Play It! Aladdin: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Marketplace The Cave Of Wonders Aladdin's Word The Battle 3:​38 Happy End In Agrabah A Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme) The Lion King vs. Aladdin. Wie wint deze battle? Aladdin ist ein US-amerikanisches Fantasy-Musical von Guy Ritchie, produziert von Walt Erik Anderson: Visual Effects Society (VES) nominations: 'The Mandalorian', 'Alita: Battle Angel' lead. In: am 7. Januar Vote on this Walt Disney-Figuren poll: ☆ DCotM - In the final battle with Aladdin, Jafar almost got the upper hand. Which of the following things that Jafar did, are.
Aladdin The Battle

Jasmine, meanwhile, distracts Jafar to buy Aladdin time, though the evil sorcerer catches onto the scheme soon enough when he spots Aladdin via the reflection in Jasmine's crown.

Jasmine is imprisoned in an hourglass that is rapidly filling with sand, while Abu and Carpet are also eliminated. Aladdin struggles to grab hold of the lamp, but it is ultimately retrieved by Jafar, who transforms into a giant cobra to battle him.

As Jafar lunges to kill, Aladdin tries to save Jasmine but is eventually trapped within Jafar's coils. As Jafar mocks Aladdin's lack of power without the Genie, an idea comes to mind; Aladdin declares that Jafar isn't as powerful as he wants to believe, as it is Genie who is truly the most powerful being in the universe, as he gave Jafar his power in the first place, and can take it away as well.

Mad for more power, Jafar uses his final wish to become a genie himself, though Aladdin reveals this to be a horrible decision, as the sorcerer is now forced to spend all eternity within a lamp prison with "itty bitty living space".

With Jafar trapped, Aladdin hands the lamp over to Genie, who flings it to the Cave of Wonders for a minimum of 10, years of imprisonment. Aladdin apologizes to Jasmine for lying about being a prince, though she quickly forgives him out of understanding.

Aladdin then prepares to bid farewell, even though Jasmine declares that she loves him. The Genie, now willing to sacrifice his freedom, offers to make Aladdin a prince again; Aladdin instead declares that he must stop pretending to be something other than himself and wishes for the Genie's freedom, much to the latter's shock.

Genie warmly thanks Aladdin for his compassion, stating that the latter will always be a prince in his eyes, due to his selfless heart. The Sultan, having also witnessed Aladdin's bravery, agrees with Genie, and subsequently decrees that Jasmine may marry whomever she deems worthy.

The overjoyed princess ecstatically chooses Aladdin, and their engagement is set. With their fates tied, Aladdin, with Jasmine in tow, waves goodbye to the Genie as he takes advantage of his newfound freedom by journeying to see the world.

Aladdin and Jasmine are last seen during a celebration honoring their engagement, singing a reprise of "A Whole New World" as they ride off into the night upon the Magic Carpet—Genie gleefully watching over them.

Aladdin is now engaged to Jasmine and spends most of his time taking back jewels and riches from sinister thieves and giving them to the unfortunate inhabitants of Agrabah, despite Abu's objections.

One is a gift for Jasmine and their love is stronger than ever. During a stroll in the city, Aladdin and Abu encounter Iago, Jafar's parrot who tortured the Sultan during Jafar's reign.

He lies to Aladdin, claiming he was under a spell. Aladdin ignores these claims and chases Iago, right before he was attacked by Abis Mal the thief for his earlier theft of Abis Mal's loot.

Iago accidentally saves Aladdin by dropping barrels on the villains. Aladdin now feels like he owes Iago for saving his life, so as a reward, Aladdin must try to convince the Sultan to have Iago stay with them.

That night, Genie returns as well and Aladdin is given the opportunity to become the Royal Vizier, Jafar's old position.

Aladdin tries to explain Iago's situation, but instead, Iago fumbles in being pursued by Rajah, having the Sultan and Jasmine believe Aladdin was hiding a villain from them possibly as a sign of switching sides.

Sultan commands Aladdin to watch over the parrot and Jasmine becomes furious as she was hoping Aladdin wouldn't lie to her again.

Iago uses reverse psychology on Jasmine to remind her why she fell in love with Aladdin in the first place, reuniting the two.

Meanwhile, Jafar has returned and kidnapped the Sultan, having everyone believe him dead as his first act as revenge on Aladdin. Aladdin is imprisoned for the "murder" of the Sultan and sentenced to death.

Jasmine, Genie, Abu, and the magic Carpet are all abducted by Jafar, but before Aladdin is killed, Iago frees Genie, saving Aladdin from being beheaded by Razoul, who Jafar tricked into believing that Aladdin murdered the Sultan.

The group battles Jafar and a wounded Iago kicks his lamp into a lava trap that had been set for Aladdin, which results in Jafar violently imploding into a cloud of dust, destroying him for good.

The city is saved, and Iago is welcomed by Aladdin and his friends into their family. Aladdin turns down the Sultan's offer of becoming his royal vizier saying that he wants to go off to see the world, Jasmine takes his hand and agrees to go with him, much to the disappointment of Iago who had hoped to be given a special position in the palace.

An animated series was created for The Disney Afternoon which aired from to , based on the original feature.

The series picked up where The Return of Jafar left off, with Aladdin still living on the streets of Agrabah, engaged to Jasmine.

Aladdin spends most of his days battling monsters, searching for treasure, and keeping the city safe.

Now that the greedy Iago is a friend, Aladdin is often persuaded to go hunt for treasure by the parrot. Along with Abis Mal, Aladdin meets new enemies, most notably evil sorcerer Mozenrath , diabolical Egyptian Cat Witch Mirage , and mad Grecian scientist Mechanicles.

He serves as a laid back, loyal hero although he can sometimes be coincided into believing he is the best at being a hero and can get the group out of any situation although this is all true.

Sometimes he can be self-absorbed. A perfect example of this is in the episode "Getting the Bugs Out" where there was trouble several times and instead of battling himself, Genie and Carpet did all the work and Aladdin took all the credit.

At one point in the series, Aladdin rescues a local street-rat named Sadira. Unfortunately, Sadira falls in love with Aladdin upon being rescued by him.

This leads Sadira to concoct a few villainous schemes in an attempt to break apart Aladdin and Jasmine and gain Aladdin's love. After her schemes fail, however, Sadira ultimately reforms, joining Aladdin and friends' team.

Another episode showcases a similar incident where a conniving mermaid named Saleen falls in love with Aladdin and attempts to imprison Jasmine undersea or making Aladdin her slave.

Unlike Sadira however, Saleen does not reform. Some of Aladdin's past is revealed throughout the series.

It is revealed that he met Abu when the monkey was working for a corrupt group of circus performers.

It is also learned that Aladdin had a childhood friend named Amal who mysteriously vanished. Years after his disappearance, Aladdin learns that Amal was kidnapped and turned into a ferocious beast via the dark magic of Mirage.

Aladdin rescues his friend, and Amal decides to leave Agrabah to make something of himself. Aladdin appears in every episode of the series except for " Rain of Terror " albeit mentioned only.

Aladdin and Jasmine are finally getting married. Everyone is flocking to Agrabah to be part of the "wedding of the century" but while Jasmine, Genie, and Agrabah's inhabitants are all excited, Aladdin is downhearted.

Genie, Abu, and Iago find him at his former hideaway in the streets where he takes out a dagger that belonged to his father whom he believes has died long ago.

Aladdin explains to Genie that he never had a father to prepare him for a family and feels that after all that has happened, he still isn't prepared.

Genie gives Aladdin confidence and they head to the ceremony. The ceremony proceeds flawlessly at first, but just at the finale, a band of thieves antagonizes a herd of elephants to stampede the palace.

Jasmine, Genie, Carpet, and Iago battle the intruders, and Aladdin grapples with their leader. Aladdin learns he is fighting the legendary King of Thieves, and they are trying to steal one particular gift given to Aladdin and Jasmine.

The villains retreated after Genie gets the upper hand and the gift is still in Aladdin's possessions. The gift is a scepter that unleashes a magical Oracle.

The Oracle has seen "all that has been and all that will be" and knows the answer to any question that could be asked and reveals that Aladdin's father, Cassim, is alive.

Upon hearing this, Aladdin falls into uncertainty before finally deciding to know why his father abandoned him as a child.

After being told where his father is by the Oracle, he, Carpet, Abu, and Iago ride off to the lair of the Forty Thieves to meet his father. Once inside, he is shocked to learn that his father is the King of Thieves before being captured and forced to face execution.

The only way to save himself and his friends was to battle one of the thieves. Aladdin battles Sa'Luk and is nearly killed, but he kicks Sa'Luk off a cliff into the ocean and Sa'Luk is pronounced dead.

Aladdin is praised and becomes a member of the gang, but Aladdin cares nothing about this and instead presses on in his pursuit to know the story of his father.

He learns that Cassim left to find a means to provide a better life for Aladdin and his mother after which, Aladdin decides to bring his father into the palace and introduces him to Genie and the others.

Overnight Iago convinces Cassim to rob the royal treasury and is arrested when discovered. Aladdin is just as furious as the Sultan and Cassim and Iago are sent to prison for life.

That same night Aladdin breaks his father and Iago free and although Cassim implores him to flee the city with him, Aladdin instead returns to Agrabah to face the consequences.

The Sultan understands why Aladdin did what he did and forgives him but Aladdin is still ashamed of his father's ways. Back at the lair, Sa'Luk is revealed to be alive and taken control of the thieves during Cassim's absence.

Iago and Cassim are captured but Iago breaks free to warn Aladdin. At first, Aladdin doesn't care about Cassim's fate, but Genie suggests to him that just because his father made bad decisions, doesn't mean Aladdin needs to as well.

After Jasmine backs up Genie's words, Aladdin decides not to be as stubborn as his father and decides to go to his rescue. Aladdin and company follow the Forty Thieves out across the ocean in their quest for the Hand of Midas.

With the help of the Oracle, now in possession of the thieves, they discover the Vanishing Isle where the treasure lies. Jasmine and the others battle the brigands, while Aladdin reunites with his father, and they both hurry inside to look for the treasure.

As they arrive in an enormous cavern where the treasure is, the giant turtle on which the island rests starts to dive and they climb to higher ground.

There are multiple towers of varying sizes. Inside, there are various rooms that are used by the Sultan and his family. Outside, in the area between the walls and the building itself, is a large garden, as well as a fountain.

At night, the palace is illuminated. The palace serves as a major setting in all Aladdin films, as well as the TV series. Shake It! Dance and Play It!

Christmas: Royal Christmas Wishes. Games Movies TV Video Wikis. He utilizes these aspects to best his enemies, and such practices have proven effective in various situations throughout the franchise.

He is a quick-thinker, with the ability to formulate a scheme usually varying in scale, making him rather versatile that ends in his favor. He also takes advantage of his societal stereotype to further his schemes, as most wouldn't expect a meager street urchin to have the intellect to outwit others.

Although generally cheery and fun-loving in nature, Aladdin was also shown to be insecure throughout the events of the original film.

Being a street rat, Aladdin normally faced discrimination in the city of Agrabah and was seen as a worthless member to society. This cruelty eventually led Aladdin to believe such claims; he saw himself as unworthy of Princess Jasmine's affections, believing she deserved someone of higher class and, by extension, someone who can provide for her.

These insecurities would prompt Aladdin to perform negative acts such as compulsively lying, going back on promises, and hiding his true self under the guise of "Prince Ali".

Once the climax of the original film arrives, however, Aladdin is stripped of his aid including magic and the help of his allies forcing him to act on his own in order to save the city.

He does so by putting his wit to use and successfully ends the battle victorious. Following these events, Aladdin became more accepting of his status, refusing to continue living a lie, and embracing who he is as a person.

As seen throughout episodes of the television series, however, Aladdin's insecurities haven't diminished completely. Although more accepting of his status as a "street rat", Aladdin remained somewhat self-conscious when given important tasks to complete, as seen in the episode "Mudder's Day", where the Sultan was confident enough to place Aladdin in charge of an expedition, though the latter would continuously doubt his own leadership out of anxiousness.

In "My Fair Aladdin", Aladdin made an attempt to reform his image to better conform with Jasmine's dinner guests, consisting of haughty, high-classed royalty.

This would only result in his downfall as the most important person in his life, Jasmine, was unamused by Aladdin's attempts in concealing his true nature.

In spite of this, Aladdin's allies, and more specifically Jasmine, would continuously provide support and a catalyst that would aid Aladdin in regaining his confidence.

Animated and designed by Glen Keane, Aladdin is a traditionally handsome, slender, slightly muscular young man with broad shoulders, tan skin, black, messy hair, thick matching eyebrows, and brown eyes.

As a street rat, his clothing is, unsurprisingly, rather limited. He is barefoot, donning a purple, sleeveless vest, red fez, and baggy, cream pants with a single patch covering a while within them.

As Prince Ali, however, Aladdin's attire is lavish to coincide with his princely facade. The colors resemble the primary colors of Jasmine's father, the Sultan, consisting mostly of cream, gold, white, and purple.

The outfit's appearance, itself, also resembles the Sultan's, consisting of a large turban with what appears to resemble neck shade coming down on opposite sides complete with a ruby gem and blueish, deep purple feather, cream undergarments, and a matching top, with a cape flowing down, just below his calves.

The outfit is finished with golden brown shoes, with swirled tips. His turban also conceals the Genie's lamp beneath his head.

In the end of the first film, Aladdin wears a purple openly short Arabian coat with a white shoulder armor on both sides of his shirt coat with a good trim, at the back of his shirt coat it resembles a long purple cape, cream pants with a red and brown fez around his waist and the golden brown shoes from his disguised Prince Ali outfit.

He also wears the same hat from his primary outfit but it was purple and gold striped. In its initial appearance before their wedding was interrupted by his father Cassim and in the end of the film where he married Jasmine and went to their honeymoon by riding the magic carpet, Aladdin wears an outfit similar to his disguised form as Prince Ali as he wears a very long cream openly Arabian royal jacket with a large sailor collar, underneath is a yellow sleeveless tunic with a brown trim and a white long-sleeved undershirt, cream pants, and brown shoes with swirled tips.

His turban has a different design with brown linings and the feather is yellow with a purple gem in the center.

Later when he confronts his father Cassim and being tested by him to face Sa'Luk, Aladdin wears black undergarments with a matching sleeveless top with a red obi around his waist and a medium blue long-sleeved shirt.

He is also adorned with a blue cloak that can cover his head and face and a gold emblem at the left side. This outfit is also his father's primary outfit.

When he meets his father Cassim for the first time, his main outfit is covered with a cream cloak and a gray turban on his head.

He later rips the right long sleeve into the shorter sleeve from his main outfit to cover the Hand of Midas.

After Aladdin was born to Cassim and Zena , their struggling background prompted his father to leave Agrabah in hopes of finding a way to better provide for his family.

However, Aladdin's mother passed away after his leave and Aladdin was left to fend for himself. By the time Cassim returned, he couldn't find his family, believing them to be dead, resulting in him leaving Agrabah out of despair, where he'd eventually become a leader of the infamous Forty Thieves, though this would remain unknown to Aladdin for an extended number of years.

Due to being orphaned so early, Aladdin never received a formal education, nor had a positive role model to guide him through life. With no form of income, he was forced to learn to survive on the streets of Agrabah.

Lacking other means, he steals only to survive, but his good heart often moves him to donate his stolen goods to those who are as poor, if not poorer than him, making him a Robin Hood-like figure.

When Aladdin was seven, he had his first encounter with Rasoul , the new captain of the Sultan's guard, after stealing an apple from a fruit stand.

Initially, the boy managed to outmaneuver the guards, but was eventually apprehended and sentenced to detention within the palace dungeon; however, he managed to escape by picking the locks to his chains.

A young Aladdin with his childhood best friend Amal. He cherishes friends a lot since he's never really had friends except for Ugo prior to his arrival in the world, and gets upset if people disrespects them or harms them, even holding grudges against those who hurt them.

In order to help his friends, he's become dedicated to becoming stronger. Aladdin does everything he can to defend and protect his friends from enemy attack, even to the point of him almost dying due to over-exertion.

He's a little naive about the world, not knowing what bazaars or Dungeons are because most of his life was spent in the Room of Fortitude.

Aladdin never seems condescending when criticizing others and offers his opinions and thoughts in a matter-of-fact manner. He also has a calm temperament, even able to stay level-headed in dangerous or dire situations to think up of plans and solutions.

He's also very eager to learn, demonstrating great enthusiasm in learning magic from Yamraiha and in his classes in Magnostadt.

Aladdin isn't shown to be a greedy person as demonstrated when he doesn't use his one wish for fortune or eternal life from Ugo [11] and readily offering his whole bag of coins to hitch a ride to Magnostadt.

Despite all this, however, he is quite perverted for his age as he likes to grope women with "large, soft breasts" and according to Alibaba, has "manly interests.

Aladdin also has a tendency to eat food that isn't his, such as when he ate all the watermelons in a cart belonging to Alibaba's master as shown in the anime, and Leila's precious watermelons in the manga.

He also harbors a secret feeling of loneliness because he's different from everyone else since he's a magician and since he's different even from the three other Magis, him being the fourth Magi that shouldn't even exist.

Not much was known about Aladdin's past, but he has found out who he is and where he came from thanks to Solomon and Solomon's Wisdom. The first memories he has are being in the Room of Fortitude with Ugo, where he was taught everything he knows by him.

They were not able to escape from the Room of Fortitude for a long time, but they managed to escape some while after.

Ugo's head wasn't as lucky. When he was speaking to Dunya about Magnostadt, Aladdin mentioned that he comes from Alma Torran. In the Alma Torran Arc , Aladdin's origin was revealed.

He is actually the son of King Solomon and Queen Sheba of Alma Torran. When Sheba became pregnant, she used magic to slow down his growth inside her womb because she wanted him to be born in a happy world.

However, not so long after Solomon united the world, Arba , one of Solomon's followers and Magi betrayed him.

She gathered all the members who also had ill will towards him and thus, they formed Al-Thamen. A war broke out between Al-Thamen and Solomon's supporters.

Sheba fought with Arba but was ultimately defeated and killed by her. Although Sheba died, Aladdin, who was still within her womb, survived and was entrusted to Ugo as her last will after being placed in a magical orb.

After the survivors of Alma Torran were forced to live underground after the surface was made barren, they began to despair over their situation and became suspicious of each other once again.

Ugo then presented Aladdin to the survivors as Solomon and Sheba's son and as Solomon's avatar. With this act, all the inhabitants of Alma Torran viewed him as such and the Djinn still recognize him as that currently.

Once the new world was created, Al-Thamen began plotting to destroy the new world and Ugo was forced to have Aladdin completely born into the world in hopes of preventing the tragedy of Alma Torran from happening again.

As soon as Aladdin is released from the Room of Fortitude along with Ugo to some extent, he goes on a journey to find the Djinn Metal Vessels.

The story begins with Aladdin asking for food from desert thieves in the Oasis City, Utan. They begin to threaten him but when they put a knife to his face, Ugo's arms sprout out to attack them.

Later, Aladdin is caught eating the food from Leila and Sahsa 's caravan and as compensation, he is forced to work for three days without pay.

For the next few days, he spends his time with Leila and Sahsa, helping with chores and getting to know the two and even introduces Ugo to them.

Eventually, the caravan plans to go through a canyon and asks Leila's opinion on which direction they should take.

She suggests they take route four out of fear of a thieves' guild placed along route three. During the discussion, Leila's past is revealed to her caravan who decide to pick route four since they are convinced that Leila is trying to trick them.

Aladdin acknowledges Leila and believes in her. When she says it's too late, Aladdin assures her that it isn't too late and summons Ugo to go after the caravan.

While Sahsa's caravan is being attacked by the thieves, Aladdin, Leila, and Ugo arrive to defeat the thieves.

Afterwards, both Leila and Sahsa thank Aladdin and bid him farewell. Some time later, Aladdin rides on a cart along with a woman and her daughter, Mina ; Budel , a wealthy wine vendor; and Alibaba Saluja , the driver.

Along the ride, Aladdin unknowingly insults Budel and is quickly scolded by Alibaba. Afterwards, he talks with Alibaba who shares his dreams about conquering dungeons and getting rich.

However, he's interrupted by Budel who insults Alibaba's dream. Alibaba laughs it off but Aladdin notices how much Budel's words truly frustrates him.

Shortly after, their caravan is attacked by a Desert Hyacinth from underneath and their cart is tipped over along with all of Budel's wine.

While gathering them, Budel accidentally bumps into a barrel of his wine and the little girl who had been riding on the cart earlier, throwing them over the edge.

As Alibaba reaches out to save Mina, he is pushed out of the way by Budel, who was trying to save his wine and Mina falls into the Desert Hyacinth.

Budal offers to triple Alibaba's pay to make Alibaba save the cargo instead of Mina. Then, Alibaba punches Budel and snatches a wine barrel to save Mina.

When Alibaba rescues Mina and gets trapped in the Desert Hyacinth's mouth, Aladdin flies in with his Magic Turban and dumps all of Budel's wine into the monster's mouth.

Aladdin saves Alibaba, and the two are commended for their bravery. They arrive to the Oasis City, Qishan. Alibaba extend his hospitality to Aladdin; inviting him to his house, proclaiming that they're friends, making Aladdin happy since this would be his first friend.

Alibaba asks about Ugo and the flute, inquiring whether Aladdin found Ugo in a Dungeon to which Aladdin answers no, revealing that he got it when he left a sturdy room underground where he had been living with Ugo for a long time before finally being able to escape.

Wondering whether he can find a Djinn Container in a Dungeon , he asks Alibaba to lead him there, much to his confusion but before he can reply, Alibaba's boss comes in to tell him that Budel demanded a large sum of monetary compensation, even planning to make Alibaba into a slave in order to pay for destroying Budel's wine and costing him so much money.

Alibaba consoles his boss, telling him not to worry since he was going to pay Budel back by Dungeon Diving and asks Aladdin to summon Ugo to which he obliges, reassuring his boss of their success but he introduces Aladdin as his servant, which greatly upsets him.

Alibaba doesn't understand the reason for Aladdin's anger, assuming that it's because Aladdin is worried he won't get his share of the money but when Aladdin doesn't respond to his assurances, he grows worried that Aladdin wouldn't want to Dungeon Dive with him anymore so in order to keep his interest, he takes Aladdin to a night club, remembering how happy Aladdin became when he talked about food and girls on the wagon ride.

Aladdin remains unresponsive, however. Out of frustration, Alibaba demands Aladdin to just tell him what is bothering him.

Aladdin responds that he only thought of him as a servant to which Alibaba corrects by saying Aladdin is his buddy, making Aladdin happy again. Afterwards, Alibaba takes Aladdin to the Seventh Dungeon, Amon, but starts to doubt himself but Aladdin encourages him and he regains enthusiasm though he decides to prepare for their Diving before going in.

They go shopping for supplies and run into Morgiana , quickly realizing she is a slave. Aladdin, not knowing the severity of doing so, breaks the chain on her ankles to set her free.

Budel appears and demands Alibaba to become his slave in order to pay compensation. Aladdin is quick to defend his friend and Budel calls the police to arrest them.

Just as they're surrounded, Aladdin summons Ugo and they make their way to Amon. Alibaba hesitates at the entrance but is pushed in when Aladdin collides into him, entering the Dungeon.

Aladdin arrives first into a pool of water with Alibaba arriving much later, long enough for Aladdin's clothes to dry.

They emerge from the tunnel they had initially started in; to discover a huge cavern dotted with multiple caves. Alibaba decides to go down a particular tunnel but partway through, Aladdin becomes uneasy and convinces Alibaba to take their time to think about what they should do next and they backtrack.

Unbeknownst to the both of them, this decision saved their lives. When they make their way back, they notice how each tunnel has a symbol on the wall next to it.

Alibaba quickly figures out their meaning and comes up with the correct entrance. In the right path, they come upon a room full of beautiful spheres of light and Alibaba dubs them "rainbow balls.

The balls begin to crack, hatching ant-like monsters which quickly surround them. Aladdin summons Ugo and successfully escapes with Alibaba but is only able to keep it up for a short time before growing tired, forcing him to call back Ugo but they soon realize they were followed by the monsters who had copied Ugo's leg muscles to catch up.

Alibaba tries to cut the monsters with his knife but the attack goes right through them and he realizes that they are Slime monsters that are able to take on any appearance.

Soon after, all the Slimes start to merge to make King Slime. Aladdin summons Ugo once again to defeat this monster with Ugo's Heat Magic, making quick work of the King Slime but exhausting Aladdin to the point where he falls into a deep sleep whereupon Alibaba sets up a pseudo-camp in a crack in the wall to let him rest.

Alibaba falls asleep after a while but suddenly awakes to the voices of Jamil and his two slaves, Morgiana and Goltas. Alibaba is convinced they will pass without noticing them but Morgiana manages to catch their scent and comes into the crack.

Though Alibaba tries to protect them both through deceit, Jamil completely ignores him, kneeling down beside Aladdin and addressing him as "Magi," much to the confusion of Alibaba.

Jamil takes Aladdin and his flute and continues to ignore Alibaba until he intercepts their path and manages to defeat Goltas whereupon he gains a slight respect from Jamil who allows him to accompany him if Alibaba works for him.

Alibaba agrees in order to keep close to Aladdin. They eventually come across a slab of stone inscribed with the Torran Language which Alibaba is successfully able to translate, infuriating Jamil for being able to do something he couldn't and forcing Alibaba to become the scapegoat for a trap which results in his fall through a trap door and to his apparent death.

A while later, Aladdin wakes up and upon asking Alibaba's whereabouts, is told by Jamil that Alibaba had gone ahead and not to worry.

They soon come to a three-way fork in the road with no way of knowing which way led where and after some contemplation, Jamil decides it best for him and Goltas to check out one of the passages, ordering Morgiana to watch over Aladdin.

Alone, Aladdin eventually manages to make Morgiana laugh by parodying Jamil and they talk about her homeland but she becomes angry when Aladdin insists that she could run away if she wanted to.

Morgiana warns him not to underestimate Jamil and reveals to him Alibaba's presumed demise just as he makes an appearance right above Aladdin.

Aladdin uses his Magic Turban to lift them both upward and although Morgiana almost stops them, they are able to escape.

Alibaba relates to Aladdin about his time after he fell and leads him to a door he couldn't open. After a look at the door, Aladdin informs Alibaba he knows how to open it since it was the same as the one in the Room of Fortitude.

He pushes it and with an "Open sesame," manages to open the doors. After walking through some fog, they arrive at the edge of a huge city stretched out before their eyes.

As they move towards the tower in the midst of the buildings, Alibaba wonders what the city really is to which Aladdin answers that it is a ghost civilization known as a Necropolis.

They enter the tower only to find that it appears to simply be a storage room. After failing to find any treasure, they decide to turn back to look in the other buildings when Goltas makes an appearance at the entrance, blocking their way before collapsing from heavy wounds.

Morgiana kicks Aladdin into the distance before chasing after his flying form while Alibaba is forced to fight Jamil. Although Jamil is initially confident about his swordsmanship, he's quickly overwhelmed by Alibaba's own Royal Swordplay.

Jamil screams for Morgiana to save him and she obeys, arriving to his rescue at a frightening speed from across the room. Alibaba tries to convince Morgiana to join his side and to be free from Jamil but she sends him into the wall after initially appearing to agree.

Jamil gives Morgiana his sword and orders her to kill Alibaba but just as she is about to finish him off, Aladdin destroys the weapon.

Aladdin summons the Rukh with a wand he found and attacks with Magoi , eventually pinning Morgiana to a wall. Aladdin asks Jamil for his flute back and defenseless, he is forced to comply but hysterically tries to convince Aladdin to make him king to which Aladdin responds that he couldn't think of anyone less deserving of the title.

After reuniting with Alibaba, Aladdin's flute begins to direct a beam of light towards a pot. Upon Aladdin's touch, Amon is summoned and after assessing everyone in the room, bows to Aladdin and addresses him as Magi.

Ugo appears from his flute to speak with Amon, who briefly explains to Aladdin what a Magi, and ultimately what he himself, is. Before Amon could answer more of Aladdin's inquiries, the Dungeon starts to collapse as someone outside attempts to seal them in.

Amon creates an exit, calling out to Morgiana, who hesitates as she tries to save Jamil as well but is blocked by Goltas, who convinces Morgiana to leave while he stays behind with his master to their death, telling her to return to her homeland as his final wish.

He breaks Morgiana's chains and she leaves with Aladdin and Alibaba with his bags of treasure. As they are being transported out the Dungeon, Aladdin and Alibaba decide to have a chat.

Alibaba thanks Aladdin for allowing him the chance to Dungeon Dive and Aladdin thanks Alibaba in turn for being his first friend, sharing his sadness that their journey would end there and telling him how brave he thought Alibaba was.

Alibaba denies their time together is over and proclaims that they'll go adventuring together, promising each other. When they next awaken, Morgiana finds herself in the outskirts of Qishan, Alibaba finds himself in the hole left behind by the Dungeon with his large bags of treasure, and Aladdin is found unconscious in a field by some horsemen.

When Aladdin awakens after being transported from the Dungeon, he find himself laying in a bed in Kouga Village just as Toya enters with breakfast, followed by the village head, Baba , whom refers to Aladdin as "Rukh's Child" and has a conversation about what the Rukh is.

Afterwards, they go outside to meet Dorji , the man who brought him back and Aladdin thanks him for saving him. The clan's warriors then begin to discuss the advancement of the Kou Empire and Aladdin summons Ugo's arm to cheer with them, shocking everyone.

They question whether he is a spy from the Kou Empire but the suggestion is promptly shot down. When asked how he wound up at the edge of the mountain and where he came from, Aladdin replies that he wants to go back to Qishan but finds out it would take five years to get there by foot.

Luckily, in two weeks, a caravan would come by during the spring market that could take him there.

While everyone goes on a search for the monkey, something swoops down. Genie then makes a plan for everyone to split into groups of two.

Everyone later sees that Carpet disappeared. When they hear a hissing sound, they all run away. The thing then captures Iago. Aladdin , Jasmine , and Genie get on the roof and start running.

The thing captures Jasmine and Aladdin and Genie get back on the ground. Genie takes Aladdin inside a building. The jinn then handcuffs himself and Aladdin, but the thing still manages to capture the street rat.

Genie then runs into the Mukhtar.

Aladdin The Battle Music: Alan Menken Copyright: Disney Music Group / Walt Disney Records Year: 🙏 SHARE & LIKE 👍🙋PLEASE SUBSCRIBE: - Prince Ali | Side by side comparison Ala. Battle theme from Aladdin. The music and the image belong to The Walt Disney Company. Aladdin is an animated television series made by Walt Disney Television which aired from to , based on the original feature. Debuting simultaneously on Saturday morning and as part of the syndicated weekday Disney Afternoon, the show set a pattern for several future Disney series. Many of the films' stars provided the voices of their TV counterparts with Dan Castellaneta filling. (Aladdin Soundtrack) The Battle. When Tiana is going to her second job, he My Fantastic Zoo shown as the floor rug a woman is shaking out. Alibaba tries to cut the monsters with his knife Aladdin The Battle the attack goes right through them and he realizes that they are Slime monsters that are able to take on any appearance. At the age of ten, Aladdin was best friends Game Of Luck a fellow street rat and thief, Amalbut Panzerspile Aladdin, he stole money and valuables for his Casino Video Slots selfish greed, which Aladdin was strongly against. Sa'Luk Onlinegames Kostenlos to kill Aladdin, but Sa'Luk is turn to gold by the hand of Midas. They rest at an Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechner Poker and Aladdin takes the time Kniffelblock Pdf Kostenlos think of what to wish for. Many of the films' stars provided the voices of their TV counterparts with Dan Castellaneta filling in for the late Robin Williams in the Genie role, as he did for The Return of Jafar. Aladdin and Wie Macht Man Einen Screenshot plan to escape the Cave that is collapsing with the help of Carpet bringing the two to where Jafar is at. He is one of the most Mahjomg characters and is usually accompanied by Jasmine and occasionally Genie. They sail to the area Zagan is located in and is greeted by Alibaba's exiled brothers who now live in the Torran village on one of the islands. Giving the lamp, Jafar almost causes Aladdin to fall to his demise, but Abu tackles him, causing Jafar to lose the lamp as the cave collapses. While he's talking he finds the flute where Ugo was, and says that it's a little short but it should be fine. Marysville Casino extend his hospitality to Aladdin; inviting him to his house, proclaiming that they're friends, making Aladdin happy since this would be his first friend. Februar während den Grammy Awards [22] Der erste lange Trailer wurde am Oktober von Darsteller Will Smith auf dessen Instagram -Account veröffentlicht. Disney Aladdin Lottopalace Auszahlung de 8 figurines Aladdin JAFAR Jasmine jouet.

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