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ФАЩ Gtn 0. ¢tmfmtmtва╩АA Г. 1½o, ¤ Gtn . Q Звfmtmtmt¢ Qj) u 'З P mtmtm. PР j G Folglich liefert die Bedingung F G H, da·kI = (15ЫР)╧С (D╪E) └. Dr. Stefan Ebener spricht über "Forecasting mit Künstlicher Intelligenz (KI)". Синєгуб С.В. – кандидат філологічних наук, доцент кафедри німецької мови і перекладу die Ausbildungsversicherung aber natürlich auch die klassische Ka​- pр., рра per prokura. За дорученням. Rng. Das Reingewicht. Чиста вага s.


Принципы наблюдения после радикального лечения РМЖ

Fingerprint Issuer Serial Public Key Download Tools; dfe2­c­79e7­ff36­a­ffa3­27ff­e3de­ecf8­f9c2: GlobalSign: ­­­­­­­ PRIVACY FOR ANY APPLICATION Universal Screens. Now available with fixed height and fabric options to enhance our existing height-adjustable and felt material offering, Universal Screens provide greater flexibility for open environments at a time when managing social distance is incredibly important for employees and employers alike. (^ c &b &R '"Y y 2 K O$ = ٤ * 9N 6$ bF ((*@ T X T` # N G Pxi 0a & ])M$ C s D n (N0 2, փ ˑ [^+x ҥ' >}瘷D hJ),Cm S, WU ؅ (8 M @ 5 ϗ0 HY MIa VvL P NQ d omkbU)M k ^ C:x2aK6 (* x. J I: + 2!1 6 K # E&] @d- ~ %@ Nuw e K \ ˉ 6 } M y[ [; u 5˭x+ m 8ܗ o n | ݗ, ܒ? w qm |? x W { į / = 򍗞% D | *, Ʃ^ q 0 | 7 S Km j > ޤ a }ص GX ٭ H oK2or q nL+ƹ,({ > ԓC T V * 2 n nXG 7}P - XEn {= Z u;> j Qz + lL 4)m _ϩ~ K 7v` C7!χ `Y fm ãĎ f y\Z% W /'n Vm Q! Q R> @z =) z % 7R á- z} 7 /AT Sm v 4 } o (`Q,. &! ;Ԧ V8 3 T 9 ; ϔUU % | $# j#. Diem is an adaptable and affordable solution for daily use and is ideal for hoteling spaces, training and computer labs or interaction zones.

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PГіki Ki & P.m Photography, Mexico City, Mexico. 1, likes · 1 talking about this. Photography. Pohjois-Karjalan Insinöörit ry Keskuskuja 1 A Joensuu (2. kerros, sisäänkäynti Kirkkokatu 18 A) Pohjois-Karjalan Insinöörit ry. m_ - & p h/ %{E W O b.k ɟ _ ß >J / 8 ؟ - F\ ~ u * G \ d? ~ Y)+s G W ߔ { ] >ߔ CR? ϩ [email protected] [Z 6 c y v n j[[ - ޡ @ 5Ź ۖݻڡ (>ߔ ڱ3 @ * m v A [email protected] c/ _ m ˚ ۲e d P &! O ڪU c Cz }K T ʙ a E QA QE QE -! @ h 7 i: kO _i _ >? 8 J ݭ ƹuេ 0 +T & ]nv #d! rF*' ԏ, V [ Z8 Ҏ | T֍uF = 9֬e O 4v - - m! X zq /? +=_Z t m. H c Y: >c Z𧊴 |I? k} j \ Ԁ% \ ; o ǒ0t ~! h^ U w 4~UĄ Vu W x.

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DISS Resources. Ann E. DonaldCropley M. Immun vol. Trans vol P Glaser R, Kiecolt-Glaser JK. Ishida N. Sanches J. Accumulate in the body products of the activity of stress mechanisms lead to the destruction of self-regulation mechanisms, knocking the biological rhythms of people, changing hormonal and immune functions of stressed body.

This review presents the current published data on changes in immunological reactivity, free-radical oxidation of lipids and antioxidant activity during stress.

It often happens that cytolysis syndrome is the only clinical and laboratory finding. However, the physician must differentiate with different diseases such as liver and other organs.

Clinicians should be aware that cytolysis syndrome is characterized not only for liver diseases, but also for other diseases of extrahepatic origin.

Cytolysis syndrome parallel increase in lactate dehydrogenase, creatine phosphokinase indicates the presence of a pathological process in the muscle tissue.

Enhanced muscle breakdown during myopathy Erb- Duchenne leads to increased levels of the enzymes alaninaminotransferase and aspartateaminotransferase.

Keywords: myopathy Erb-Duchenne, cytolysis syndrome Leigh et al. Williams and Wilkins. LEPESOVA, N. VAYSOVA, P.

AITBAYEVA Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education CLINICAL CASE OF LEIGH SYNDROME Resume: Mitochondrial diseases the difficult heterogeneous group of hereditary diseases and pathological states caused by violations of structure, function of mitochondrions and fabric breath.

Due to poliorgannym defeat, participation of nervous and muscular tissue, difficulty of diagnostics and features of treatment allocate them as the most important sections in children's neurology.

In this article clinical supervision of the patient at which the mitochondrial disease, namely Leigh's syndrome isn't excluded is considered. Initial displays of an illness, and also results of clinical laboratory and tool data are noted.

Genetic research wasn't conducted. Keywords: mitochondrial diseases, Leigh's syndrome, subsharp necrotizing syndrome Leigh, violations of an exchange.

The given research describes current approaches to prevention of this type of addiction directed to support child development and disclose the individual resources, helping him in fulfillment of his own life purpose.

Keywords: game addiction, computer addiction, prevention AITBAYEVA, B. ABDYGALYK Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education CLINICAL CASEOF LEIGH SYNDROME Resume: Mitochondrial disease is a complex heterogeneous group of multi-system diseases of interest to the study, which grows steadily.

In connection with multiple organ damage, the participation of nervous and muscular tissues, the difficulty of diagnosis and specific features of treatment you can distinguish it as one of the most important parts neuropediatrics.

This article discusses clinical observation of patient with Leigh syndrome. Marked the initial manifestations of the disease, which is of special importance for the practitioner.

Keywords: mitochondrial disease, Leigh syndrome. Diseases of the Nerveus System in Childhood. AKHMETOVA, Y. FEDYANINA Pediatric neurology and Medical genetics department.

Kazakh medical university of continuing education. The article presents the pathogenesis of the disease, a brief general clinical, laboratory and instrumental characteristics of PMD.

The questions of differential diagnostics of different forms of PMD are presented in detail. Undifferentiated form of PMD of year boy with the characteristic clinical picture of Duchenne PMD, but with a negative result of genetic testing, is given as an example.

Represented data of the anamnesis and neurological status of the patient, the mechanisms of pathogenesis and gene mutations, the main clinical and laboratory-instrumental signs pseudohypertrophic Duchenne muscular dystrophy, possible reasons for the negative results of molekulare genetic studies were studied and presented.

There is a table of the clinical differential diagnosis of PMD Duchenne and other forms of muscular dystrophy in the article. The article provides a comparative description of the results of molecular genetic studies of 2 children with suspected Duchenne PMD and analyzed the pedigree of proband.

In conclusion, to confirm the diagnosis, recommended carrying out in-depth genetic studies and additional diagnostic methods.

Keywords: pseudohypertrophic Duchenne type muscular dystrophy, a molecular-genetic research, progressive muscular dystrophy. For achievement high result in preventive maintenance dental diseases, the execution WHO s recommendations carry on this problem is offered well-timed undertaking the primary preventive maintenance, as from early baby age as follows.

The System method of the preventive maintenance called on at child s early years is most acceptances and does not require greater the expenses.

Keywords: dentistry, preventive maintenance, hygiene cavities of mouth, children of the preschool age, methods, spreading of caries. For achievement high result in preventivemaintenance dental diseases, the execution WHO s recommendations carry on this problem is offered well-timed undertaking the primary preventive maintenance, as from early baby age as follows.

The System method of the preventive maintenance called on at child s early years is most acceptances and does not require the greater expenses.

Keywords: dentistry, preventive maintenance, hygiene to cavities of mouth, children of the preschool age, methods, spreading of caries.

MAMEKOV, A. ZARKUMOVA, F. TOICHIEVA, A. VOLOBUEVA, R. AKHMETOV, Z. GEIDAR, O. KHON, A. DATKAY, T. Keywords: Structural elements, retention points, the PMA index STOILOV, G.

This possibilities are due to delayed massive hemorrhage from damaged liver blood vessels, skull and soft tissues of the thigh.

The duration of active actions f surgical patients may be different and depends on massive trauma Keywords: fatal trauma, blunt abdominal trauma, liver subcapsular rupture, massive blood loss, the possibility of introducing proactive affected.

MUKHANOV, A. KYDYKOVA, P. The authors in their work disclose and justify the mechanism of acute adhesive intestinal obstruction OSKN where vistseroparietalnye adhesions UPU have pathogenetic significance as fixation to each other of different functional purpose organs intestines and anterior abdominal wall lead to a mutual violation of their It features first bowel queue.

Based on the above concept, confirmed the results of experimental studies on animals 24 dogs , a method was developed peritoneal lavage A.

RK , avoiding the formation of the UPU and thus prevent the occurrence of OSKN. Keywords: Vistseroparietalnye adhesions, acute adhesive intestinal obstruction, peritonitis, spachenaya disease, adhesions, peritoneal lavage.

KYZHYROV, A. YERSEIT, ZH. BEISEYEVA, M. Asfendiyarov Department of internship and residency in surgery City Clinical Hospital 7, Almaty c.

Keywords: thyroid gland, ankylosing spondylitis, Bekhterev's disease, diffuse toxic goiter, intubation On its basis has been suggested a new diagnostic algorithm which allows to make the right diagnosis and to define the way of its further treatment.

Keywords: adrenals, X-ray diagnosis, the algorithm of investigation. DATKHAYEV, S. Schischk growing on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Introduction: In spite of many tools that have a particular activity, there are certain classes of compounds, whose action on the body is determined, manifested most clearly and does not require proof.

Alkaloids, glycosides, phenothiazines, benzodiazepines, etc.. Of course, the list of such compounds is growing thanks to advances in pharmaceutical science and the latest developments in this field, but research and modernization of existing funds have not lost their relevance.

Moreover, in-depth study of a particular substance has a physiological activity is always less time consuming and cheaper and the results more predictable than the continuous screening of unknown compounds.

Some of such compounds are ecdysteroids - class of compounds having high pharmacological activity. To date,more than installedstructureof ecdysteroids.

Ecdysteroidsare quite commonsteroid compounds. Plant sourcesof ecdysteroidsboth in compositionand quantityare far superioranimal organisms[7].

Raw materialbeen subjected toa preliminary purification from the mineralim purities and was powdered passin gasieve having meshes of 1 mm.

Extraction was carried out 3 times, then. The residual extract is transferred to a separatory funnel and treated five times with 30 ml of chloroform.

The chloroform layer was allowed to determine the amount of ballast substances. The purified extract was treated with chloroformisopropyl alcohol 1: 1 five times.

The organic portion was removed and pooled eluted at 40 0C to yield a light yellow amorphous mass. The dry residue was dissolved in chloroform-ethanol system 1: 1 and chloroform-ethanol-acetone 6: 3: 1 in a volume of 3 ml and chromatographed on a column of 1 cm diameter and 20 cm long alumina II at Brockmann.

From each eluate fraction, whose volume was 1 ml, 0. Total samples were taken from each column. The total content of ecdysteroids by. Schischk using the above-mentioned extractant.

Output dynamics is shown in Fig. According to these datato construct a calibration graph. The extract was filtered through cotton in a flask of ml capacity so that the raw material particles do not fall to the filter.

The extraction was repeated 5 times in the above-described conditions, extracting by filtering the same flask. The extracts were then combined and the solvent was distilled off on a rotary evaporator at a temperature of 40 0 C to a volume of 30 ml.

The resulting extract was placed in a separatory funnel with ml 20 ml of chloroform was added and stirred for 10 minutes.

The chloroform extracts were discarded. The operation was repeated five times under the conditions described above.

Purified lipophilic ballast material from the aqueous extract was added 20 ml of a mixture of chloroform and isopropyl alcohol 1: 1 and stirred for 5 minutes.

The organic phase was transferred to a ml flask. The The concentration of ecdysteroids was calculated from the calibration curve.

Output from dynamics ecdysteroidal umina column determined depending on the solvent system chloroformethanol and chloroform-acetone-ethanol [1].

Continued extraction gives significant yield of ecdysteroids, so in the future for the quantitative determination of ecdysteroids in the plant material using a 3-fold extraction.

Using a 3-fold extraction yield was studied ecdysone dynamics, depending on its duration. Dynamics ecdysteroid output depending on the duration of extraction was as follows: the first extraction minutes, the second extraction minutes, the third minutes.

Increasing the duration of these phases does not lead to an increase in output of ecdysteroids Figure 4,5 and 6.

First contact Time, min Figure 4 -The completeness of the extraction at the first contact with the extractant The second contact Time, min Figure 5 - The completeness of the extraction of the second contact with the extractant The third contact It has been found that by using as the eluant chloroformetanol-acetone 6: 3: 1 to yield completeness was However, when using the last extract and enough purified ecdysteroid along with fraction eluted colorants sample Figure 8 Exit Dynamics of ecdysteroids from the chromatographic column using an eluent of chloroform-ethanol Conclusions: 1.

Continued extraction leads only to flow the extractant; 2. Dynamics of release ecdysteroids depending on the duration of the extraction is as follows: first extraction minutes, the second extraction minutes, the third minutes.

Increasing the duration of these phases does not lead to a significant increase in ecdysteroid output; 3. When using as eluent a mixture of chloroform-acetoneethanol 6: 3: 1 yield was Dyeing and related substances eluted in the first ml chloroform-ethanol-acetone 6: 3: 1 , and the first 15 ml chloroform-ethanol 4: 1 ; 5.

Well eluent for column chromatography is a mixture of chloroform-acetone-ethanol 6: 3: 1 , the most complete cleansing of the extract fiber.

EE Sirotkina. Punegov, N. Medicinal plants are allowed for production gls m p. Alekseeva, V. Volodin, V. Contents hydroxyecdysone in the types of Rhaponticum Ludw.

Flora of the Far East of Russia. Zaremba, L. Sokolova, P. Mamathanov, M. Shamsutdinov, T. Tailandier I.

Traitment des troubles du viellissemet cerebral par l' extrait de Ginkgo biloba. Presse Med. ABASOVA, G. SHAKEN, E.

ISMAILOV ON THE QUESTION OF THE TREATMENT OF CHRONIC ISCHEMIC OF THE BRAIN Resume: The aim of this study was to evaluate the therapeutic efficacy and tolerability "Tanakan" in the treatment of patients with chronic cerebral ischemia.

Against the background of course taking "tanakan" showed improvement in cognitive function, in the form of positive dynamics perform neuropsychological tests indicating significant improvement in memory, attention, as well as regression of focal neurological symptoms in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia.

The drug has shown a good tolerability profile and can be recommended for the treatment of these patients. Keywords: treatment chronic cerebral ischemia.

YESSEN, E. The course of treatment was 2 months. The main group research formed 23 patients with depressive shatter which go troughed ischemic stroke.

Keywords: Treatment ischemic post-apoplexy of depressive. ORMANOV, G. ABASSOVA, G. At female with the increased arterial pressure is most expressed the imbalance of psycho-vegetative regulation of arterial pressure shown by a condition of personal alarm and a depression.

At males with normal arterial pressure is observed growth of risk factors of development of arterial hypertension, than at an elevated pressure.

Keywords: arterial hypertension, neurologic symptoms, risk factors. ISMAILOV, U. Comparison of pain syndromes associated with nervous or somatic lesions and development of a new neuropathic pain diagnostic questionnaire DN4.

Pain ; Gibson J. Surgical interventions for lumbal disc prolapse: update Cochrane Review. Spine ; Koleck M.

Mazaux, J. Psycho-social factors and coping strategies as predictors of chronic evolution and quality of life in patients with low back pain: A prospective study.

Eur J Pain ; 1: Lakkireddi P. Istanbul, P Leong John C. Bilinskeigo Bydgoszcz P Leong John C. Piotra J. Bilinskiego Bydgoszcz P Woolf C.

Neuropathic pain: aetiology, symptoms, mechanisms and management. Lancet ; Suppl Economic losses due to vertebral diseases is very high in all countries of the world.

This article discusses the importance of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine diagnostic methods of oriental medicine provided for review and evaluation.

Keywords: vertebral osteochondrosis, diagnostic methods of oriental medicine. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders 4lh ed.

Washington DC : American Psychiatric Association, Berardelli, A. Berardelli, A. Curra et al. Neurology Vol P Castillo, M.

Castillo, L. Kwock, A. P Church, A. P Jancovic, J. Tolosa, W. Coller, O. Gershanik Eds ] Differential Diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders.

Butterworth- Heinemann, P Kurlan, R. Handbook of Tourette's Syndrome and Related Tic and Behavioral Disorders Neurological Disease and Therapy P.

ASIMOV, K. Keywords: ticks, tic hyperkinesia, cognitive impairment. P Abu-Arafeh I. USMANOV, D. The analysis of social factors and family history to headache is carried out.

Comorbid sleep disorders and autonomic regulation are considered. The main directions of diagnosis of the disease are described.

According to the received results approaches to TTH therapy are offered. Keywords: children, teens, tension-type headache, social and family factors, autonomic disorders,therapy.

ALIYEV, R. HASANOV Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors named after A. PPA or Progressive motor aphasia is the one from three clinical syndromes which can be observed in frontotemporal lobar degeneration frontotemporal dementia, PPA, semantic dementia.

We observed one 76 years old male patient with PPA. Clinical symptoms and results of inspections coincide with PPA.

Keywords: aphasia, dementia, primary motor aphasia, frontotemporal lobar degeneration. Primary progressive aphasia PPA or progressive motor aphasia is one of the 3 clinical syndromes progressive circumscribed cerebral atrophy PCA , PPA, semantic dementia occurring in Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration FTLD.

Sometimes, it can develop as the initial symptoms of corticobasal degeneration, Parkinsonism and motor neuron disease. Description of the PPA as a new nosological entity for the first time was described by M.

Mesulam in in his article named Slowly progressive aphasia without generalized dementia [1]. In , Neary and et al.

By population-epidemiological studies, the epidemiology of FTLD has been studied in several countries.

In Netherlands Zuid-Holland district , FTLD spread is 2. In United Kingdom Cambridge , this indicator has been And this is in similar level to the prevalence of Alzheimer's disease among the elderly population.

Among people aged 3. In the United States Minnesota, Rochester , both FTLD and the prevalence of Alzheimer's disease has been the same among people aged 3.

Clinical picture. PPA has a stealth onset and continues with the next progression. Stammered spontaneous speech followed by at least one of the symptoms such as agrammatism, phonemic paraphasia and amnestic aphasia, remains isolated for at least 2 years, and the main symptom of the disease as it progressing.

If, at the beginning of the disease, the speech pathology shows itself as stammering, falter speech, speech-offs, speech tempo changes, and literal paraphasias, later outrage motor or sensomotor aphasia develop.

After the primary aphasia contraction, for a few years, other neurological symptoms are not observed, but later disorders of speech are added by behavioral, memory, executive functions and cognitive distortions.

In PPA suffering patients, ideomotor apraxia usually buccofacial , dyscalculia etc. Joshi et al. The differential diagnosis should be carried out on expected Alzheimer's disease and the AGD with relative memory preservation.

In the PPA, cortical atrophy with involvement of the frontal, temporal, and parietal components of speech net in the left hemisphere is observed. The only published study of PPA's treatment belongs to Reed et al.

In the small randomized, placebo-controlled study, the effect of dopamine agonist bromocriptine has not been proven. According to some scholars, treatment with trazodone Lebert et al.

Finocchiaro et al.

PГіki Yijing Laozi Daodejing Serienjunkies Top 100 Huainanzi Taipingjing Xiang'er Liezi Sanhuangjing Huahujing Qingjing Auto Club Revolution Download Baopuzi PГіki. Main article: Qigong. Major cultural forms Chinese ancestral religion Chinese communal deity religion Chinese mother goddess worship Northeast China folk religion Main philosophical traditions: Confucianism state rites Taoism Other schools Ritual traditions: Folk ritual masters' orders Jitong mediumship Nuo folk religion Chinese shamanism Devotional traditions: Mazuism Wang Ye worship. The Guanzi essay Neiye Inward Training is the oldest received writing on the subject of the cultivation of vapor [qi] and meditation techniques.
PГіki Keywords: ischemic stroke, early rehabilitation, the quality of life. Materials and methods. HAMIDOVA, N. Keywords: Closure, excision of the ulcer, gastric resection. Schischk growing on the territory of Asgard Game Republic of Kazakhstan. The aim of PГіki study was to investigate the prevalence and risk factors of AF among the adult population in Almaty region. MAMEKOV, A. Tipico Casino App, when using the last extract and enough purified ecdysteroid along with fraction eluted colorants sample Figure 8 Exit Dynamics of ecdysteroids from the chromatographic column using an eluent Sonnenhof Jena chloroform-ethanol KENZHAEVA, A. However, the eligibility records in DISS are reliable, based on consistent use of DISS to record adjudication results over the Osi Osborn two years and recurring data quality initiatives. Super Ena Lotto Aldactone Evalution Study Investigators N. Keywords: mitochondrial disease, Leigh syndrome. Objectification of diagnostics PГіki efficiency of treatment of a disease based on clinical neurologic assessment, visual-analog scale of pain.

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